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About Lawson – About Us

Lawson David & Sung Surveyors Limited was established in 1992

Lawson David & Sung Surveyors Limited forms by a group of experienced Professionals including Estate Surveyors, Town Planners, Land Administrators, Land Surveyors, Estate Agents and Estate Managers, providing a comprehensive range of property and real estate services to clients from Corporate and Government bodies to individual customers. Aiming to fulfill the demands of clients.

Our Vision---Comprehensive & Competitive Services to our Clients
In order to maintain an edge in the constantly changing property market, our consultants keep pace with development through real estate research performed by an a team of analysts and maintain a database with up-to-date information on changes in Government policies and regulations. Our analytical team serves to seek for new comprehensive and innovative development investment opportunities whilst effectively and efficiently formalizing new commercial directions.
Team members are dedicated to watching the world market and analyzing global market trends including regional performance, ultimately giving sound investment advice to clients for optimisation of their portfolio.
Together with our research and analysis team, we are committed to provide comprehensive and competitive real estate services.

Comprehensive Real Estate Consultancy
Real estate development is a complex business involving input from various professional disciplines to accomplish the final development proposal. This can be time consuming and tedious to organise and select the right professionals to perform the necessary task.
Lawson David & Sung Surveyors Limited acts as a one-stop real estate consultancy for clients. We are able to draw from a team of experienced consultants from various disciplines targeted to assist clients in attending to all real estate requirements.
Professional Services provided by our consultants include agency provision for the purchase and sales of various types of properties; formalizing development appraisals; planning development applications to Government; project management; construction project management; valuation; formalising marketing for flat sales and land administration.
Once we have identified our clients' needs, we can immediately assist them in providing the RIGHT professionals to meet their requirements ultimately providing a comprehensive and cost effective approach.

Real Estate Analysis --- Achieving the Best Portfolio
Because every development proposal is unique, a tailor made scenario for each individual client is needed. Through discussions and meetings to become familiar with the level of risk acceptance and expected financial return, we are able to assess the situation and offer suitable recommendations and proposals.
Once we are certain about your objectives and constraints, we will provide you with our optimum real estate investment opinions. You will know exactly where you stand and how much need to be achieved. By helping you choose the best investment opportunity to add to your portfolio we maximise your return at minimum risk.